The "dog days" of summer are here in the States.  Just when you thought it could not get any hotter, it does!  We have lost another admin this summer and we wish her well in her musical adventures.  Losing an admin, or a musician, or a listener for that matter is never a good thing, but we do realize that people have varied needs which sometimes are not met in Paltalk.  This website will not promote the music of any musician who does not frequent our room.

My heartfelt thanks go out to those who come in and share their music and time with others.  We have found that those who remain are the foundational personalities who make the room "HOME".  Karen (LadySelene) is on the mend and back in the sadle as one of our admins.  Thanks to Steven & Billy for always being there when needed.  Traveling mercies to all those on vacation and or traveling while working.  Come in and bring your friends who enjoy music.  The musician staples of the room, rham (Ron), blacktop (GM), acoustic shawn (Shawn), brfireman (Jeff), acidreign (Billy), KLAATU (Steven), MrsDeltaDawn (Dawn), brummypaul (Paul), and anyone I missed … THANK YOU for your music and your company.  We are here just for you.  The things that make a musician a musician are gifts and sharing your gift causes it to get better.  May you be blessed 100 fold  in the sharing.  You are loved and appreciated and you are prayed for every day.  See you in Musicians Live Room real soon. 




A girl singer and her keyboard playing partner were working a hotel in Fort Wayne. He summoned her to the coffee shop one morning. When she arrived she found him slaving over a manuscript. "What's this?" she inquired.

"A new arrangement for Misty," he said, adding notes to the staff paper. "We'll still start the song in E flat," he went on, "in a nice slow swing tempo. But when we get to the bridge, we're going to switch to the key of F. When we come out of the bridge, we'll change the rhythm to a Bossa Nova and the key of F#. After my solo, we'll go to the key of G and a faster swing tempo, and on the last verse we'll then drop to the key of D."

The singer looked stupified. "I don't know if I can remember all that!'

"Why not," he asked. "You did it last night."







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