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NAME: SweetSong4Him     DATE:  02/08/17     SUBJECT: Welcome Everyone
Comments:  Thanks to everyone for making the room the most awesome place to be on Paltalk.
Best part of the evening is when I can put my feet up and relax with friends and listen
to some really great musicians!  Love you all.
NAME: acoustic_shawn     DATE:  02/12/17     SUBJECT: Best Room In Paltalk
Comments:  Great people and jammers.  The talent that comes in and plays is second to none.  Great music, Great times!   Keep rockn, for the music never dies.
Guest Book
NAME: keith_45     DATE:  02/15/17     SUBJECT: Past Roomy
Comments:  I hung back in the shadows, always enjoying the tunes.  I met a lot at the two  Palstock Jams at moon7godess' home in Indy.   Made some really good friends here.
NAME: robert_1886     DATE:  05/21/17     SUBJECT: Best Group Of People
Comments:  When I came into this room I truly felt welcome.  It's like a big family of friends.  They make the room a second home.
NAME: songsmith     DATE:  09/03/17     SUBJECT: Signing In !
Comments:  Carmen's room is an oasis where I can find shelter from the
brick and mortor world.
NAME: MrsDeltaDawn     DATE:  09/07/17     SUBJECT: Fabulous People !
Comments:  There are some really fabulous people here!
NAME: BruisedOrange     DATE:  10/29/17     SUBJECT: Just A Visit
Comments:  Just dropped in. Thanx for the look around.
     NAME: SDCustom78      DATE:  01/23/18      SUBJECT: Late As Always
Comments:  Thank you Carmen, admins, musicians, as well as listeners/supporters for allowing me to be a small part of this big family !!
Much love, Michael.
     NAME: Mike_Gates      DATE:  04/04/18      SUBJECT: Glad To Be Here
Comments:  Thanks to all for the warm welcome yesterday!
Happy to join in on the music and listen to everyone's talents.
     NAME: sunset06      DATE:  05/18/18      SUBJECT: Appreciation
Comments:  Thank you all for your welcoming ways
and for musical nights that brighten my days!
With Love, Amanda.
     NAME: Reysie      DATE:  06/03/18      SUBJECT: Overwhelmed
Comments:  Your appreciation of me is overwhelming.
All the talented musicians are awesome.
And I get to meet amazing new friends. Thank you so much!