The job of admining the room is easy most of the time because of the wonderful crowd of people who frequent the room.  Sometimes, however we have those who just don't play well with others and then the job of admin becomes difficult and sometimes unpleasant.  The goal is to keep the room as drama free as possible.
Our Admins are not paid nor given anything other than my heartfelt thanks.
So when you see an admin .. Thank them for the great job they do.
The ONLY goal is to keep the room a pleasant place to come and share music in the company of friends.  Those causing drama will be dealt with.
If you wonder why someone was banned, dotted or bounced please feel free
to contact an admin privately and ask.  But rest assured, no administrative action
is taken without valid reason.  Apologies go a long way toward

having your name unbanned.  A peaceful solution is the goal.
Best to just behave like a gentleman or lady and play nice with others.

Thank you ~ @ADMINS:  acidreign1026 (Billy) ~ 
blueskysilence (Chris) ~ J0hnny Beach ~ KLAATU (Steven) ~ LadySelene (Karen)